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    From miner to author, Ashley Sutton found his true calling turning fantasy in the mind into reality in meticulous design details.

At age 14, Ashley Sutton was a teen from Fremantle, Western Australia, spending his youth in mining work in the darkest caves. As Sutton turned 21, he founded a steel company, building the business from the ground up. Sutton crafted his creative side through illustrations and graphic designs, and published children’s books. His fairy tales of fairies and their adventures are realised into real life.

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“I created this fairy tale (Iron Fairies) in my mind to set my spirits free,”
Ashley Sutton
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His children’s books, telling tales of fairies and their fabulous adventures in magical realms, quickly became bestsellers. Sutton turns his expertise in mining and steel into art forms, into whimsical metal designs in bars and restaurants realised by him. Iron Fairies is one of the most successful concepts of Ashley Sutton, and one must never undermine the determination, trials and tribulations of a creative genius breaking out of the monotonous reality into an explosive burst of magic into his real life fairy tale. Sutton’s Iron Fairies is an iconic account of the surroundings, reimagined and reinvented in a dreamy ambience and interiors of Iron Fairies. Amplified in abundance and vast scales came Iron Fairies, Sutton’s most creative and original concept to date, is timeless and unparallel to any nightlife destination of its kind, with such crucial attention to detail. Bemused in the visual wonder, Iron Fairies continue to excite and ignite your senses with surprises along the way. All but one of 28 establishments from around the world of Sutton’s creative genius and a singular experience to be adored and forever enthralled.